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China Impressions: Outdoor and Sports

Outdoor activities and sports in China: Why don't you start your own sports club in China?

As people are starting to have money, they are getting interested in western hobbies like sports. The rock climbing in Beijing started in about 2002. Friends of mine opened a rock climbing club which is doing well. The yoga place I sometimes go to is opening up more and more locations and training people to be yoga instructors as the demand is increasing. I was trying to help start artistic bicycling, but failed due to lack of time to go to the bicycling city of China called Taiyuan. Do you want to start a sports club in Beijing? Go for it.

Here I will be adding pictures around the topics of outdoor sports like rock climbing, hiking and skiing as well as other sports like martial arts. Also pictures of the friends sharing these sports will be uploaded.

I starting with some old pictures first and now am doing a lot of recent ones as I need that anyway for my blog:

Here a video a friend made 2007 in Shi Du south of Beijing:

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Some pictures from 2004:

2004 Climbing in Baihe

2004 Bouldering in Baihe

2004 Climbing in Ritan Park

2004 Climbing Friends

2004 Indoor Bouldering

2004 Parties with climbers

Shimano Bike Trainer Race

Snowboarding in Wanlong Outside Beijing

Skiing in Wanlong Outside Beijing

Road Cycling in Mountains North of Miyun

Rock Climbing in Baihe Laoyanchang

Road Cycling up 2000m Baihuashan

Oliver Pinchbeck Juggling

Deadly Trick Bike Show

Road Cycling North

Great Wall Jinshanling Simatai

Green Olympics Bike Festival

Radio Beijing Cyclists Dinner

Cyclists TV Show

Cyclists Arrival Beijing

Cycling Fengrun to Beijing

Cycling Qinhuangdao to Fengrun

Radio Qinhuangdao Ceremony

Radio Beijing Ceremony

Bee Valley Rock Climbing

Radio Beijing Bike Race

Radio Beijing Bike Games

Hiking around Beijing

2007 Trekking in Xinjiang

Unicycling around Beijing

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